Sharing is the act of kindness where you are having something which belongs to you but also offering it to someone else because you think they might need it too or it’s too much to use just by yourself!

Caring is the emotion of sympathy (in some cases, empathy) which guides you to not only judge a person’s character, but behavior and possible solutions for any problems that person has.

Thus, when you share something, you show your human side (by giving up claims on your personal item), which is based on feelings for another human who may or may not be feeling the same way, so yeah, be prepared to hear no when you offer someone something.

Mohit Kumar Dalal, Time person of year 2006

Sharing is Caring would be the platform where society can read about purely sharing initiatives such as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), free events, free places to stay or work, Wiki Houses, creative commons media: ebooks, images, video’s, 3D models, etc.

As authors of this website and also other sources from the internet we are sharing the news and resources about this way of sharing by the CC0 / Public Domain license.

The site was founded by Jurjen de Vries, February 26th 2020. As co-initiator of the Permanent Future Lab movement he believes technology facilitates more and more abundance over time. And so that it is therefore necessary for the society to be actively informed about new developments that arise as a result.

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